Friday, December 23, 2011

Bags Are Packed

Grand Central Clock #2
Grand Central Station

I always have a tough time leaving New York at Christmas.

Even this year - in which I had a somewhat strained (or at least fairly ambivalent) relationship with the city - it was tough for me to leave it behind and head home for the holidays.

Part of it is knowing that when I return, it will still be winter - but the festive pine-scented tree stands will have disappeared and there'll be fewer twinkling lights to cut the sting of this cold, dark season.  

Part of it is feeling like I'm going to miss something.  I don't know what - but SOMEthing. Something crazy, cool, weird or interesting could happen in my absence and I would miss out on it.  (Because crazy, cool, weird, and interesting things only happen in NYC?   Nope.  I'm gonna pencil in "perspective" to my last-minute list for Santa this year.)

Part of it also is that New York isn't just a place - it's a living, breathing, anthropomorphic character.  New York is like a person with whom I spend most of the year, but then have to ditch when the holidays roll around.  It feels mean, somehow.

Whatever the reason, it was hard for me to say 'goodbye' to the skyline this morning. The Empire State Building was looking especially impressive and fantastic, standing proud under low-hanging clouds with a bright blue sky behind it.  

DC Collage
Mr. Jefferson & Mr. Washington's monuments
You know what, though?  The scenery here at home is no slouch either.

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