Saturday, November 19, 2011



My friend, T-Bone, recently edited a short film.  The filmmakers submitted the finished product to Sundance (Hey Bob Redford, what's cookn'?) and then decided to hold a small local premiere at the Brooklyn Winery.

Which seemed as good occasion as any to premiere my new haircut and new super-cute polka-dot skirt.  So off I went to Brooklyn.  Sonz was there too, and we chatted about life and ski trips while T-Bone worked the crowd.

The movie?  Great.  The lead actor?  Eric Stoltz-ian.  The riesling?  Dry.  The aged cheese?  Plentiful.  The rest of the crowd?  Williamsburg casual (think: beards and plaid).  The best part of the evening?

The photo booth set up in the corner.

If the photo booth was a competition to be won (and of course it was), Sonz and I took the (imaginary) prize.  If photo boothing were an Olympic sport (and I think it should be) Sonz and I would be like 2-time gold medal winners who retire, live off advertising endorsements for awhile, then stage a dramatic comeback fueled by love of the sport and quest for further glory.

So, yeah.  We're pretttttty good at taking pictures of ourselves wearing funny hats.

And take note, Santa: I'm adding "Photo Booth of My Very Own" to my Christmas list this year.

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Sonja said...

Oh yeah. OH YEAH. I love this! (Oh and my blog reader thing-y for some reason doesn't always deliver new posts immediately, so I'm getting this today, December 4th. Wha?)