Monday, October 17, 2011


Before I show you 584 pictures of Spanish cows, I thought I'd show you these sunny shots of a walk I took in Harlem this summer.


This is the eastern edge of Jackie Robinson Park, up around 145th Street.

(Aside: Anyone else remember a book called The Year of the Boar & Jackie Robinson?  My 3rd-grade teacher read it aloud to our class and I still remember it.  Books - they stick with you!)

As you can see, this side of the park is lined with shade trees and benches.  Sitting on those benches, spaced out every 10 feet or so, were lovely older women (some wearing hats!) who each smiled, called me "young lady" or "honey" or "sugar," and tried to get me to take a copy of The Watchtower.  I smiled and politely declined, again and again and again, for 10 blocks.


The northern edge of the park, at 155th Street, features a steep climb up like, 1 million stairs, next to an overpass.  On the other side of the stairs is a straight drop down to a weedy, shrubby, overgrown, undeveloped plot of land.  (FYI - It looks to me like a good place to dump a dead body, if you need to do that sort of thing.) (But I certainly hope you never do.) (Murder is wrong.)


Walking along the western edge of the park, you get some good vistas of surrounding Harlem.  Including this sneak-peak of the pool at the south end of the park.  (Don't you just want to jump right in? I certainly wanted to.) (But I didn't.) (Trespassing is wrong.)

Leaving behind Jackie Robinson Park, I headed south along Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard.  And saw this pretty church:


There are lots of pretty churches to look at in Harlem, if you wanna know.  Check it out sometime!


This last picture isn't of Harlem - it's the North Woods of Central Park - the last leg of my 10-mile walk before I headed for home.  I love this area of the park because it let's you forget you're in the city for a few minutes.

The End.  :)

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