Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hey.  Listen.  I have every intention of showing you how beautiful Spain was.  But when I downloaded the pictures from my camera this week and discovered I had taken 584...I got a little overwhelmed.  It's going to take some t-i-m-e to sort through all of them. 

So, in the interim, how about I just show you some shots from this past weekend? Because 3 is much more manageable than 584.*  And a New York Saturday - while it's no Spain - is no slouch either.

Mariachi Subway

Mariachi bands are my FAVORITE form of subway in-flight entertainment.  I was happy to take a break from my iPod and listen to their version of Guantanamera on the way to Union Square. 

(Some of the mariachi groups riding the rails have matching spangled outfits, accordions and upright basses!  They are my most favorite.  But these three weren't bad.)
Brunch at Good
I met up with Tiff and AP and we browsed for ironic table-ware at Fishs Eddy, over-priced ornaments at ABC Home, and greens at the Greenmarket.  Then we headed west to the Village for brunch (the most important meal of the day), where Good let me swap out eggs (yick) for lemon-ricotta pancakes (hallelujah).  And thus, brunch was saved.

Backyard BBQ

Later I got to sit, surrounded by some of my favorite peoples, on CJ's backyard patio.  Sonz brought the pulled-pork sandwiches, and CJ's sister made us banana-bread s'mores.  Plus, there was a pug in attendance!  So yeah, pretty much perfect.

And thus endeth my Saturday.  Spain pics forthcoming (fingers crossed)!

*Upon quick review of the 584 photos, it seems they can be divided into three main categories: Cathedrals, Cows, and Other.  Why did I take so many pictures of cows!?!  We may never know.

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Sonja said...

Yay for Saturdays together! Looking forward to seeing photos of Spanish cows!