Monday, August 08, 2011

Walk On

Arch at City College
Convent Ave, City College

My long walk this past weekend took me north to the hills of Harlem and Hamilton Heights.

I walked down streets I had never walked down before.

I saw sites and schools and stores and churches and parks I had never seen before.

(My six-year NYC anniversary is next month.  I love that there's still so much left to see and do in this city.)

City College - Shepard Hall
Shepard Hall, City College

At one point I was tracking along a ribbon of public parks, passing one barbecue after another after another... Picnic tables covered with plastic table cloths, portable grills filled with charcoal briquettes.  The smell in the air reminded me of summer in suburbia.

Ah, the sweet smell of my youth.

Old Man on Stairs in Park in Hamilton Heights
Park in Hamilton Heights
The bad news: I didn't beat last weekend's distance of 7 miles.  I ran out of time around mile 6 and had to call it quits in order to get to rehearsal on time.

The good news: My foot held up okay on the hills!  So I'll go ahead and label this walk a success.

Onwards.  Eyes on Espana!

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