Friday, August 19, 2011


Guess what, Internet? It's my dad's birthday!  I recently came across this family photo and thought I should probably post it, in honor of dear ol' dad. 

It's making me all kinds of nostalgic for the early 80's.  Check out my dad's Selleck 'stache!  Check out the dark wood paneling and olive green / mustard yellow decor of our living room!

(If you're wondering who that Shirley Temple / Joey Lawrence love-child in the photo is, it's me!  It's me!)

(And yes, my mother is a weed-wacker.  Don't judge!  We may not be the typical American family, but we make it work.  Somehow, we make it work.  Plus, 10 bucks says our front lawn is neater than your front lawn. So there.)

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Sonja said...

Gasp! Look at Bob Wes-O!!!!!