Thursday, January 06, 2011


Tightrope Walker Sculpture

Before Improv class resumed this week, I'd had a two week break over the holidays.

Taking a break from Improv often fills me with doubts.  I begin to forget the basics, I begin to forget what it's all about, why I like it.  Before class I felt nervous and jittery - I was scared to make a mistake, scared to be vulnerable, scared that I didn't belong.  I half-considered skipping it.

But when I got to class, as soon as we stood for warm-ups, I remembered why I love it.  And as class progressed and we got to try some trippy new exercises, my love increased.  I wasn't ready to leave when our three hours together ended. I thought, "I want to do more Improv!"

Before I even had time to consider how I might fit more Improv into my schedule, I got an email notifying me that I'd been selected to be on a team in our theater's training program. Which means additional weekly practices, and six upcoming shows.  More Improv!  So exciting.

My Level 2 teacher (who is eight shades of nifty) once said something to the effect of, “Improv is the biggest waste of time that someone can choose to invest their life in…but it’s just so exciting.”

It is weird, it is foreign, it is strange. It may even be waste of time, this standing in front of people with no script. But it is so exciting.

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