Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cake, Candles & Wishes
December Photo Project Day #30

Manhattan Ave Star, Greenpoint Brooklyn

I had a fun day today.  I walked through snowy Central Park (can't get enough) over to the east side, to relive my Vienna days with wiener melange and sachertorte at Cafe Sarbarsky.  Later, I joined friends for mulled wine and yum cocktails at my fave bar in the Village.  Then we walked over to a Venezuelan restaurant for dinner and tres leches birthday cake.

And then....I got to pet a dog!!  

What a day.

Thanks, dear friends, who celebrated with me.

You know who else celebrated today?

Mr. Sandy Koufax (my dad's hero), Mr. Noel Paul Stookey (my hero), two of the hosts of The Today Show (Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer), and two of The Monkees (Mike Nesmith and Davy Jones).

Happy Birthday to us all.

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