Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Day
December Photo Project Day #27

Near Literary Walk @ Central Park

I had anticipated most of my Monday would be spent traveling.  But the weather pushed my travel plans to Sunday, leaving me all day Monday for errand-running and snow-walking (entirely different from street-walking, I promise).

I love the city when it snows!  I love watching everyone carefully hop through snow drifts.  I saw three policemen digging out their cruisers on Eighth Avenue.  I saw two passers-by help push a yellow cab out of a rut near Times Square.  I saw a terrier in a windbreaker - his beard caked with snow - looking extremely happy and proud of himself.  In the park, there were tons of kiddos (and adults!) trying out sleds on any incline they could find (including the snowed-under steps at Bethesda Terrace).

As for my errand-running, I had an important date with the DMV, as my under-used driver's license expires this week.  Luckily, the DMV was open and there were only two other people in line when I arrived. I was in and out in about 10 minutes - a DMV miracle!

Do you ever sometimes feel we should get some kind of reward for doing adult stuff like renewing driver's licenses, or making an annual dentist appointment, or rolling over a 401(k) plan, or correctly itemizing our deductions and paying taxes on time?

Because sometimes - when I do those tedious, responsible things - I kinda feel like I deserve a gold star for being an adult (not to be confused with a red letter for being an adulterer).  Wouldn't it at least be nice to hear a "Hey, you there - good job on being responsible!" every now and again?

Or maybe my reward is just this snow day itself - getting to be out and about and enjoying it.  Because if I hadn't done the responsible adult thing, I'd probably be in jail for tax evasion.

Sledding in Central Park

I guess that's reward enough for me. Happy Snow Day!

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Anna said...

I can totally relate to wanting a reward for being an adult! Sometimes I would like to just abstain from being an adult and let someone else step in and take care of those tasks for me! Haven't found anyone willing to :)