Monday, October 04, 2010

Welcome, October

Riverside Park on an October Morning

On Sunday morning, told me that it was 51 degrees.  I couldn't quite remember what 51 degrees felt like, so I went outside to see.

It felt awesome.

Walking through Riverside Park - pre-war apartment buildings up the hill to my right, the Hudson River down the hill to my left - it all felt so familiar.  Granted, I had walked this path just a week ago, but it wasn't the sights and surroundings that were breeding familiarity.  It was the air - chilly and charged - and it was the very faint sound of leaves beginning to rustle, and it was the faster pace that everyone seemed to have adopted.

It was AUTUMN, and it was here at last.  Here at last. Thank God Almighty, it was here at last.

Dear October,
Welcome back!  I missed you.  You smell nice.
Pull up a chair and get cozy, 'cause I want to cuddle up with you, drink coffee, talk about the old days, and maybe watch a little football.
Too much to ask?  
Didn't think so.
Your Quarterback Princess*

*I have no idea what I mean by that, but did anyone else love that old movie with Helen Hunt?  Classic. (Just like October.)

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