Saturday, October 02, 2010

Land of the Living

Kristy: Hey everybody, it's that time again!
Everybody: What time?
Kristy: It's time to play "Dead or Alive?" - a fun-filled game wherein we let Wikipedia tell us which old men are still alive, and which are unfortunately deceased.
Everybody: Hooray!

The sad passing of Mr. Tony Curtis this week reminded me that it's been awhile since we checked in with the old-man celebrity community to determine who was still among us, and who has passed on to that great black & white movie in the sky. 

First up, Dick Van Dyke.  Some of you may remember Mr. Van Dyke from his eponymous TV show (winner of 15 Emmy awards and a staple of classic Nick-at-Nite programming).  But - if you're like me - you loved him best for his role as Bert, the convivial chimney sweep in Mary Poppins.  I'm very happy to report that Mr. Van Dyke is still alive and well, at 84 years old.

Next, let's check in with another Dick Van. (Wait...that sounded strange...) I'm talking about Dick Van Patten.  I used to love watching reruns of Eight is Enough, a fun family comedy with awesomely feathered hairstyles, in which Mr. Van Patten starred as the patriarch of the Bradford clan.  More recently, you may remember him from his stint on Arrested Development.  And guess what folks?  If the good people of Arrested Development ever get their act together and make a movie, Mr. Van Patten may be able to reprise his role, because...he's still alive!!!  And kickin'.  At 81 years of age.

Mr. Van Patten also had a role on the show Happy Days, and you know who that reminds me of?  Tom Bosley.  After playing the part of "Mr. C." on Happy Days, Mr. Bosley went on to star in Murder, She Wrote and David The Gnome.  You may also remember him as the one-time spokesman for Glad trash bags ("Don't get mad, get Glad!") And you will probably be happy to know that Tom Bosley is still with us, clocking in at 83 years old.

So, this has been a very happy episode of Dead or Alive?!  Final score: alive, alive, and alive.  Thanks for joining us!

(Don't forget to have your pet spayed or neutered.)

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