Saturday, October 09, 2010

Men About Town

Les Hommes 2

One of the ways you can tell you’re becoming a New Yorker is when you start to accumulate 'guys.'

Your Friend: “The heel on this shoe is broken.”
You: “Oh yeah? I’ve got a guy on 57th Street who will fix that for 5 bucks.”


Your Co-Worker: “I keep tripping on the hem of these pants.”
You: “I can give you the address of my guy on the Lower East Side – he’ll hem ‘em for 7 bucks. Same day.”

Whether it’s a cheap shoe repair guy, a reliable tailor, or a neighborhood fruit cart owner who always throws in an extra lime for free, it’s good to have guys around the city.

I’ve recently acquired a watch guy. His watch repair counter is located in the corner of a newsstand, sandwiched between a subway entrance and a food court in east midtown.  Not the most glamorous of settings, but the watch guy is very friendly, fast, and cheap.  He replaced the battery in my regular watch a few months back, and this week he fixed the band on my running watch.1 Service with a smile, and the price is always right.  I'm adding him to my (imaginary) Rolodex.

So - moral of this story: You need your watch fixed? I got a guy.

1Note: I am not a runner. But I was once. In high school. And that’s how long I’ve had this watch. Unpaid advertisement for Timex Ironman watches: those suckers are built to last! They really do “take a licking and keep on ticking.” For serious.


stephen said...

That's a good deal on the hems. My guy (who's actually an Asian woman) charges eight bucks.

Also, if you're not a runner, why did you have your running watch battery refreshed?

KristyWes said...

While I don't use my watch for running, I still use it when going to the gym, or when I'm otherwise feeling "sporty" :)