Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just As I Am

FlatIron Building #1
The Flatiron Building

Last week I mentioned that my next Improv / Life goal may be to learn how to to be MYSELF (and not someone else).
At first glance that may seem strange – as Improv is acting, and acting is, essentially, pretending to be someone else. But my issue isn’t with characters so much as with comparing.
I find I’m easily caught in the trap of thinking, “Oh, I need to be more like [Improviser A] and say more crazy stuff in my scenes, or like [Improviser B] who is so good at British accents, or like [Improviser C] who knows so much about mitochondria.” Or whatever. 

The infamous Comparing Mind, which keeps me measuring myself against other people instead of focusing on my own unique strengths.  I want to learn how to shut down that inclination to compare; I want to learn who I AM as an improviser, and stop trying to be like Improvisers A-C. 
This goal raises the related questions of: Just what are my own unique strengths? And who the heck AM I, anyways?? Sometimes I think we need to relearn ourselves, get reacquainted with the person we've become. Figure out who we really are, and not just who we think we should be.
I think I feel a season of relearning coming on.

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