Friday, September 17, 2010

Improv Update:
Don't Dream It's Over

Columbia Univ. Building Door, w. Tree
Columbia University Building

My last class with the Dream Team was this week, and our graduation show is this weekend. Oh man, what a fun group of people. Oh man, I’m sad the past eight weeks of working together sped by so fast.

One of my goals in signing up for this Level 3 class was to have more fun than I did in my first Level 3 class. Mission accomplished! (Nope, reminds me too much of George W.) Success! The class was crazy-fun. I still feel some level of fear related to standing in front of an audience and “making stuff up,” but overall I think I’m having more fun with it this time around. So we’ll take that and call it success!

Now with fear tamed and fun championed, am I ready to move on to Level 4? Apparently not. The next Level 4 classes being offered didn’t fit with my schedule, and in a moment of (completely uncharacteristic) impulsivity this week – I signed up for a Level 1 class. At Another Theater. A theater I had previously decided I didn’t want to take classes through, a theater that has a different philosophy of Improv than what I’m used to. A theater where I don’t know (many) people. A theater that intimidates me (at least a little).

Stay tuned for this next phase of the Improv Adventure, beginning in two weeks.

Also stay tuned for bloggy thoughts on what may be my next Improv / Life goal: learning how to be MYSELF (and not someone else).

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