Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Beautiful Evening

Riverside Drive Sunset #1
Riverside Drive at Dusk

In light of yesterday's post, here is what felt beautiful to me about life last night...

After work, I sat in a 9th floor apartment on Riverside Drive, eating blueberries and trying not to provoke an irritable Shar Pei who doesn’t like me very much (Note: Most dogs love me. This one has issues. It’s her, not me, I swear.) Outside the west-facing windows, the sun was fading across the Hudson River.

Inside, my Hebrew teacher and I studied the book of Judges – full of weird and amazing stories – and tried to tease out new insights from the old, old language. An angel of the Lord ascends to the heavens amidst flames from a sacrificial fire? Just what the what is going on there? Hmm. Whenever I think of ascension, I think of YouKnowWho.

Back outside again, the air felt cooler. Not cool, but cooler. In my war against summer, it’s all about these minor victories. I walked the few blocks home, chatted with my roommate about CafĂ© Lalo’s cake selection, and ate some leftover Lemon-Mint Edamame salad, which tasted even better today than when I made it the day before.

Then it was off to meet CJL for a quick walk and talk.  On my way down Broadway, I noticed a family that seemed to be from out of town. A dad (wearing a backpack) and a mom (wearing culottes) and their young daughter stood on the sidewalk outside a salon – studiously watching the threading demonstration video playing in the salon’s window.  I have never stood and watched that threading video; the tourist family's rapt attention to it made me smile, and reminded me that some things in life are just funny.  Like threading.  And culottes.

CJL and I walked a bit, then sat on a stoop, catching up on some other life-is-funny things. I got to pet a dog (much less irritable than the Shar Pei), which made both me and the dog pretty happy.  Jesus said we should have faith like a child; I'd also like to have happiness like a dog.  They're just so excited to be outside, seeing things, smelling things, meeting strangers, never worrying about what to wear.  I bet that dog doesn't worry about tomorrow.  He is my new hero.

Later I went home and went to bed.  Sleep: it's a beautiful thing.

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