Monday, July 05, 2010

Down By The River

Fireworks #1 2010
NYC Macy's Fireworks,
as seen behind the 69th Street Transfer Bridge

The Fourth of July isn't my favorite holiday. Heat... crowds... excessive displays of patriotism... I could take or leave 'em.  In fact, I considered leaving 'em this year and instead having an "alternative" celebration - I thought sitting near my air-conditioner, drinking a rum cocktail, and watching a movie sounded like a plenty cool way to spend my Sunday evening.

But then I considered that this was my first real Fourth of July in the city (work and travels kept me away in years past) and maybe I should fight the crowds, sweat it out, and see some fireworks.  I could always sit near my air-conditioner and drink rum on some other Sunday evening, right?

So C.Ell and I headed down to the Hudson, talked our way past a barricade (persistence is key! persistence...and pitifully staring down the cops), and found a sweet viewing spot on the 70th Street Pier.

And then we saw this:

Fireworks Collage 2010

And I was glad I went.  Freedom to be who I wanna be, and do what I wanna do, is certainly something to celebrate.

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Jennifer M. said...

That's so awesome. I miss living in a city. I used to live in Portland, Oregon, and they shoot fireworks over the river too - very cool to watch it from right on the riverfront.