Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have a new summer-time hobby.  Did you know that?

(C'mon, no you didn't.  Don't pretend like you did.)

My hobby is...buying fruit from the neighborhood produce carts...mashing it up in the blender...and turning it into popsicles. Economical and tasty, right!? 

Well, sometimes.  I don't often use recipes for these preservative-free popsicle creations, so sometimes I miss the tasty mark by a little.  The blackberry/lime/yogurt pops sounded good in my head, but in reality they were - well - not terrific.  The mango/banana/OJ popsicles were a step in the right direction.  The blueberry/banana/lemon yogurt batch had a weird texture but they tasted pretty ok.

And that brings us to this weekend's attempt - Cantaloupe/Honey/Mint popsicles.

They sounded so refreshing, so grown-up and interesting - like something you'd read about in the pages of Real Simple or on a fancy lady's blog.  In fact, that is where I read about them - on a fancy lady's blog - and she made them sound so delish (I promise I never use that word in real life) that I just had to try them.

Into the blender all the ingredients went. 

Making Popsicles #1

Then into the supercute popsicle molds (on sale at Zabars, hooray!)

Making Popsicles #2

And the finished product?

Nasty.  Real nasty.  I couldn't finish one popsicle.

But - lucky for me and remaining five popsicles, taste is subjective and my roommate thought they were great.  Koko even claimed that they instantaneously cured her nausea, so - bonus!

Next up, I'm toying with the idea of avocado/coconut popsicles.  Do you dare me!?


stephen said...

May I inquire as to your consistent use of three ingredients? I'm curious to your thinking.

I believe avocado/coconut has some potential. I say this though, with the tasty knowledge that when pineapple and basil get together, they make for sweet popsicle music.

There's a popsicle joint down in Austin, TX called Goodpop that makes some delicious if somewhat offbeat popsicles. I had the Pineapple Basil over the weekend and it was delightful.

RZ said...

I dare you! avocado is magical...

KristyWes said...

All right guys, the avocado popsicle dare is ON!

Now I also want to try pineapple/basil. Interesting!

Stephen - I can't explain the 3-ingredient choice - I think it was a subconscious move. Although the cantaloupe fiasco actually had 4 ingredients - I forgot to mention lime juice! Maybe if I stick with just 2 ingredients I'll get better results. Keep it simple, and all...

Jennifer M. said...

My mom used to make these when I was younger. I think she just used whatever fruit juice we had lying around. I should try to find some of those popsicle molds and make my own!