Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wary of the 'wear

* * *

Dear Diesel and Kujo:

Thank you so much for visiting me last month! I loved catching up, hanging out and sharing meals together. I was sad to say 'goodbye' and head off to work that Tuesday morning, leaving the two of you behind to pack up your stuff.

Confession: When I arrived back at my apartment that evening, I thought my bed looked kind of funny. The pillows, the comforter...something looked different. “Had one of you re-made it, after I went to work?” I wondered.

And then, naturally, I thought of teal green ladies nylon underpants.

You know, the ones we purchased for a lark at that Napa Valley Wal-Mart six years ago? The ones that cost us one (1) dollar? The ones we pass back and forth, surreptitiously hiding them in each other’s rain boots, umbrellas, messenger bags, purses, and guitar cases, in the hopes that the recipient will discover them at an inopportune moment (such as opening your umbrella in front of a cute fella, or pulling them out of your bag with a co-worker present)?

Confession: I thought you had hidden those teal green ladies nylon underpants in my bed. So I ripped off all the blankets - even rooted around inside the duvet cover - trying to find them.

But there were no teal green ladies nylon underpants to be found. Guess I was just being paranoid!

Fast forward one month. I was feeling under the weather tonight so I skipped the gym and came straight home after work. As I entered my room, I kicked off my work heels, flopped on the bed and reached for a tissue on the nightstand. The tissue snagged on its way out of the box, revealing something beneath it.


Wait a minute…


What the what…?


I *knew* it!!!


I'd been underwear'd!!!


You got me, girls, you got me.

PS - Love that your visit is still making me smile, one month later.

PPS – It occurs to me that MadDawg also had access to said tissue box during her visit in October. If she is the culprit, and not you two, then I apologize for the false accusation. But all three of you's better watch out, because these teal green ladies nylon underpants are on the move!

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