Friday, October 09, 2009

Phridays Are Phun


You’re looking at labels on a drawer in my office’s pantry.

I glance at these labels at least twenty-seven times a day, because the pantry is where the coffee is, and where the coffee is - so there is Kristy, too.

And these labels make me smile every. single. time.

One day I am going to write a song called “Folks & Knifes.” Or maybe I will form a band called “Folks & Knifes.” Or maybe I will get a real hobby and forget about the office pantry drawer labels. Or maybe I will form a band called “The Office Pantry Drawer Labels.”

On Fridays, I feel as though my possibilities are unlimited.

* * *

Here is how this Friday started:

I spent the first half-hour at work trying to get my boss’s cell phone out of Mute mode. No idea how it had gotten into Mute mode in the first place. I was tasked with fixing it, because I am a technological genius. You may not know this about me, but it is true.

Here is what this genius did:

1) First, I pushed every button on the phone.
2) Then, I pushed them again. Scrolled through menus. Pushed more buttons at random.
3) Thirdly, I shook the phone and looked at it sternly.
4) Finally, I pushed every button on the phone.

And then – Knights of Columbus – it was fixed! I’ve got technological genius magic in these fingers.

* * *

Here is how this Friday is going to finish:


First up, unwinding with some fellow West Side sisters, whose sympathetic ears I sure could use, after the week I've had.

Followed by MadDawg’s arrival in the Big Apple! Looking forward to a weekend of catching up, wandering around, wondering after questions with no answers, sighing sighs and speculating on the future, as well as following in the footsteps of our favorite folk celebrities. Oh yeah, and whiskey milkshakes.

Let’s all sigh a big sigh of relief for Fridays. And friends. And whiskey milkshakes.

Postscript: My office pantry drawer labels got their 15-minutes of fame over at the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon blog. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Phun indeed. Here's to friends (you) who life discuss, coffee drink, folk trio stalk, and city wander like no other.

That City Girl said...

sounds like a task i would get over here at the Day Job as well.

hope you had a good weekend...