Monday, January 25, 2010


A lot of things made me smile this weekend.

I went here and there, saw this and that and the other.

Plus, I am 75% sure I passed G.E. Smith (you know, as in "G.E. Smith & the Saturday Night Live band"?) in the Village on my way to church Sunday morning.

And then I topped it all off with a sweet evening spent watching the National Figure Skating Championships (more on that later).

* * *

But something else made me smile this weekend, too. Shall I tell you?

Ok, hang on to your cowboy/girl hats:

Ree Drummond (aka Pioneer Woman) liked my photograph.

Manhattan Henge #3


Remember this sucker, from my ManhattanHenge post a few weeks ago? I submitted it in the Pioneer Woman's latest photo contest.

And she liked it!!

Duders, there were thousands of entries in this contest! And so, so many photos of absolutely breath-taking beauty. Photos that make you think "the God who made this is awesome, and the photographer who captured His creation in such a way has some mad skillz." That kind of beauty.

And Ree picked my little picture to be one of the finalists! She said she loved "the grittiness of the urban scene, man." Awww, shucks.

I'm going to feel super gritty and urban when I go to B&H to spend my finalist prize money: fighting my way past the paparazzo picking out their telephoto lenses, weaving through the crowds queuing at the pretzel-and-coke refreshment table upstairs, snaking over to the Canon kiosk and competing for a salesperson's attention, and then retreating back downstairs to nervously determine the correct check-out line to join.

To quote Jack Johnson (once again): This city's nitty-gritty, but it's so much fun."

Thanks, Ree!! I'm tickled pink (but in like, a gritty and urban way) that you liked my photo!

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That City Girl said...

yay! congrats! so, i clicked on the link that took me to the flickr page of your pic with all the comments and there was this comment:

Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Urban Landscape, and we'd love to have this added to the group! Hadn't heard of this occurrence before, but it makes sense. Great shot.

you should follow that opp too!