Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh By Gosh, By Golly

City Bakery on a Saturday
City Bakery on a Saturday

"Today is Frank Sinatra's birthday," I told SBG, as we waited in line to meet our hero.

"Really? I should download some of his Christmas tunes."

"I recommend 'Mistletoe & Holly," I said, "Frank helped write it himself."

Shortly thereafter, the line inched us forward out of the dark, back hallway in Chelsea Market and into the bright presence of blogging/cooking/photo-taking greatness that is THE PIONEER WOMAN (We love you, Ree!!!!!!!!!).

She was gracious and lovely, just as we imagined. As she signed our cookbooks, Ree told SBG and I that we looked like New Yorkers. Which we took to be a compliment of the highest order.

We floated away, out into the day, and set off in search of caffeine. We landed at City Bakery, perched on bar stools on the second floor, watching the action below us and discussing life, love, and the pursuit of (career) happiness.

And as we sat there, from the loudspeaker on our left came the familiar voice of the birthday boy himself, singing, "Oh by gosh, by golly / It's time for mistletoe & holly..."

Yep, I guess it is.

Happy Birthday, Frank! And Happy Saturday, SBG!

PS - Countdown is ON! Only two (2) short months until the Olympics!!!

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Clare said...

Your pictures make me miss Christmas in the city...nothing really compares.