Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wonders, Never Ceasing

Radio City Music Hall
All lit up and purty-like

My roommate was out of town last week.

This was sad for me. The apartment was very quiet without her.

I filled the void with noise. First, with my out-loud laughs while watching the entire first season of Head Case. (Totally hilarious. Give it a watch and laugh for yourself. Especially if you've always wondered what Jason Priestly might look like in drag.)

After the end of Head Case left another void in my life, I needed to create my own entertainment. So I walked around the place belting out Broadway showtunes and Christmas carols.

Then one night in the bathroom, I discovered a hither-to-unknown talent.

I can gargle "I'll Be Home For Christmas" while brushing my teeth!!!

It's amazing what you can discover about yourself while in the bathroom.



Fast forward to this week. Koko has returned home, and earlier tonight we ventured across the street to buy a little Christmas tree. After we set it up, as we sat in the soft glow of twinkle lights while listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, I decided this was the right moment for my new talent's debut.

"Hey, you wanna see what I can do?" I asked.

Koko was impressed. Well - mostly confused, I think, but also a little impressed.

Next stop(s): Broadway. Radio City. A Crest commercial.

With a talent like this, I'm going places, people.

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Anonymous said...

BAH! Giggled out loud. :)