Sunday, December 06, 2009

Of Pines and P...

H&H Bagels & Pine

Have I mentioned before that I love my neighborhood? Because I do. I really do.

This here is my local bagel shop. You can't see it very well, on account of all the pine trees. But it's there. In all it's flour-y, carb-y goodness.

Christmas tree stands (like the one blocking the bagels, above) pop up all over the city around Thanksgiving. Most are open 24-hours, with the workers taking shifts sleeping in a van or camper parked near the stand. They do this for several weeks, right up until Christmas Eve.

(I know this because I once almost dated a Christmas tree stand salesman. Almost, I said. We're going to call that a bullet dodged.)

I love walking by the tree stands. They make the city streets seem friendlier, more communal, more FAN-good-old-fashioned-holiday-TASTIC.

Plus the lovely smell of pine covers up the usual street stench of dog piss. Bonus! And, Merry Christmas to all!


stephen said...

I have never had an H&H Bagel. How do they compare to Ess-A-Bagel? That's where I usually stop when I'm in the city.

New York Bagels are good eats.

KristyWes said...

Hi Stephen,

Ess-A-Bagels are bigger (fluffier?). And Ess-A-Bagel will make you a bagel sandwich. Whereas H&H just sells bagels, sans toppings. If you ask for anything fancier, you will get a stern look. Which is all just part of the experience, really.