Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is They Is or Is They Ain't...?


It's that time again - time for another episode of Dead or Alive? !!

In today's installment, we will focus our attention on the three silver-haired gentlemen pictured above.

First up, John Ingle:

This veteran actor has taken many a turn playing the scheming patriarch Edward Quartermaine on “General Hospital.”

What? You say you never watched “General Hospital”? Odd. Apparently you didn’t go to college with me, then. Because that is what we did in college – we watched General Hospital. Sometimes several times a day (God bless the VCR and those days free of real-life responsibilities).

Mom and Dad, I must confess: the amount of time I spent engaged in collegiate discussions on economic theory was infinitesimal compared to the amount of time I spent discussing the end of Robin and Jason’s love...

...which was inevitable seeing as how she was HIV-positive and studying abroad in France and Jason had that freak head injury which left him morally impaired and unable to read maps, thus forcing him to leave his medical profession for a more fitting career as a henchman for local mobster Sonny Corinthos Jr...

...who was fighting his own demons of feeling personally responsible for his first wife’s mob-related death and also wondering what he could have done to prevent long-time love Brenda from going crazy and driving her car off a cliff, while also taking on parenting responsibilities for baby Michael...

...who was actually the son of AJ Quartermaine, but AJ was too unstable to take care of the baby so Carly (who was married to Tony at the time) passed off the baby as belonging to AJ’s half-brother Jason, but as I already mentioned Jason had his own set of issues... when Carly and Sonny fell in love (or something like it) they decided to be a family together and AJ only found out much, much later that he was a father and by then he was an alcoholic... the rest of his clan made a power-play on his behalf to bring baby Michael back to the Quartermaine household, which was a brooding nest of dysfunction and bottomless decanters of Scotch.

Plus, there was a hospital in there somewhere. But that was the most boring part of the show, because Jax - the dashing Australian who was Carly's business partner, Brenda's ex-flame, and Sonny's sworn enemy - well, he hardly ever had any shirtless scenes in the hospital.

Oh man. I sure do miss college.

Well, if you’re still sticking to that story about never having seen GH, then perhaps you will admit to recognizing John Ingle from his role as Robert Dunder on the anti-ageism episode of The Office? Yes? Good. So anyways, he’s still alive.

Moving on to old dude #2 - Richard Mulligan:

This TV dad earned an Emmy for his role as Dr. Harry Weston on “Empty Nest.” Those Nick-at-Nite patrons amongst you may also remember him from the show “Soap.”

He also turned up in a Dudley Moore movie that I watched with Koko a few nights ago. I said, “Hey, it’s that guy! Is he still alive?” Koko guessed yes, but according to Wikipedia, no. Richard Mulligan has passed on. Bookmark that in the "Cocktail Party Trivia" folder of your mind.

Thirdly, we have Bob Uecker:

You may remember him as "George," the dad from "Mr. Belvedere". Sports fans may know him better as a former Major League Baseball player and sportscaster. All of you should be happy to know that Bob Uecker is still alive! Hooray!

So to recap: Alive, Dead, Alive.

Until next time...

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Sarah said...

I LOVE this feature. I am sad that Richard Mulligan is sad, I've been watching a lot of golden girls lately and he sometimes guest stars.