Thursday, April 09, 2009

We Interupt National Poetry Month...

...To tell you: HE'S ALIVE!!

If you're thinking this post is going to be about Easter and Jesus' resurrection, you are wrong.

This post is about another matter of life and death. Namely, who is alive and who is dead.

I've been meaning to start this feature on my blog for some time, as a public service to both me and my readers. Because maybe some of you out there are like me: suffering from a recurring memory lapse that makes it difficult for you to keep track of which old-man celebrities have already passed on, and which are still alive and kicking.

Par exemple: Don Knotts - dead or alive? Ernest Borgnine - dead or alive? Willard Scott - dead or alive?

DWE collage

Answers (thanks, Wikipedia!): Dead, alive, and alive, respectively.

Going forward, you can expect periodic updates from me on who is alive and who is dead. Take this information and be so informed. Never again find yourself caught in this type of embarrassing cocktail party convo:

Guest #1: "I wonder why Kirk Douglas hasn't made any movies recently."
Guest #2: "Um, maybe because he's dead?"
Guest #1: "No way, dude! Kirk is alive. I believe you're thinking of Charlton Heston."
Guest #2: "Oh right, my bad. Gee, that was embarrassing. I'm gonna get some more Chex Mix now."

Don't let it happen to you. Read my blog. Stay informed.

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