Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Looking Back at the 4-H Fair

I traveled to Indiana last weekend to spend some time laughing - I mean, seriously laughing - with friends from college. Girls - I love you more than my luggage. Can't wait to laugh our way through New Mexico in the near future!

We spent our Friday night at the local 4-H county fair. Hot dog - such opportunity to expand my portfolio of animal butt shots!

Here's a sampling. And - you're welcome.

Cow Butt #2

Apologies for the slight blur. This lovely cow wouldn't stop swish-swishing her tail, not even for the sake of art. Sheesh.

Pig Butt #1

Tomorrow's pork - up close and probably way too personal.

Pig Butt #2

Awww, that's a nice one. Don't you agree?

Sheep Butt #1

Hello, Mr. Sheep! Don't mind me. Just violating your personal space and dignity. If I wasn't so committed to my art, I might indeed feel a tad sheepish about it.

Hee hee. Sheepish. Sorry, readers! But puns are art, too.

And now I ask you - what's your art?

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