Saturday, December 27, 2008

On the 362nd Day of This Year

I wasn't quite sure what to tell you about my day today. I spent some time on the treadmill, some time shopping for curtains, some time watching Slumdog Millionaire (go see it!), and some time working on the infamous Pope, then some time catching up with an old friend over dinner. I also spent some time playing those piano keys you see pictured above. Playing that piano is always a highlight of a trip home for me. (Yes, yes, Mom & Dad - you are highlights as well.)

As long as we're talking about music, let us note that Radio City Music Hall opened on this day, December 27th, back in 1932! It is one of my favorite venues in New York. Every time I catch a glimpse of its neon sign, around a corner or down an avenue, I get a little excited all over again that I live in the city. Home of Radio City Music Hall! I aspire to be every bit as glittering, classy, and Art Deco-ful as RCMH.

I've been fortunate to have seen some fantastic shows there (Frank, the Rockettes, and one Swell concert). The latter two of those shows I saw with a Ms. KT, who is also celebrating a birthday today. Happy Birthday, RCMH & KT!

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That City Girl said...

thanks for the birthday shout-out! and an almost happy birthday to you, too. can't wait to catch up once your back.