Thursday, November 01, 2012

You Metcha*

A roof with a view

A friend came to town for the weekend, and wanted to spend some time in the Met.  I could relate.  Each time I visit the museum's familiar halls, I think, "Why don't I come here more often?"  I should go there more often.

Saraceno's rooftop installation / self-portrait

It was a nice day, so we climbed the stairs up to the roof and drank in those park and skyline views.  Amazing.  I should come here more often.

Statue of Diana

Whenever I visit the museum with a friend, I demand to know if they've ever seen "Please Don't Eat the Pictures," and when the answer is (invariably) 'no,' I make them listen to my plot synopsis of this adorable & underrated Sesame Street special from 1983, in which the whole gang (Cookie Monster, Grover, Luis, all of them) get locked in the museum overnight, Big Bird meets an enchanted Egyptian prince, Oscar finds some statues that really speak to him, and everyone learns a valuable lesson about art (and friendship).

[Note: this flick has never been released on DVD (much to my chagrin) (who can I write to about that?) but you can watch it on YouTube!  Start here.  It will save me from having to describe all the incredibly endearing scenes to you, the next time we're at the Met together.]

Warhol exhibit / balloon man in the park

Leaving the museum, it was still nice and light enough for a walk across the park (with more 'art' yet to be seen).  As we wound our way west, I promised myself, "I will come back more often."

*Oy.  That was uncalled for.  Apologies!

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