Monday, November 19, 2012

Songs I Hear In Duane Reade

Episode 1: Get Lost

Occasionally I'll be shopping for something in the DR and I'll hear an awesomely bad (badly awesome?) song on the sound system.  Something so awesomely bad (or badly awesome) that it needs to be shared.  Ergo, this exciting new blog feature.  You're so very welcome.

Recently I stopped by Duane Reade after an Improv show, looking for a late-nite snack.  I've developed a Liz Lemon-like addiction to an off-brand corn chip called "Dipsy Doodles," which the bodega in my apartment building carries. Unfortunately, one of the cashiers in the bodega has taken to flirting with me, and the whole thing makes me uncomfortable.  "Here she is!" he exclaims each time I approach the front counter.  I'd prefer not to be recognized in such moments; I'd rather purchase my late-nite corn chips anonymously.

Anyways.  I clearly can't go to the bodega anymore, so I stopped by Duane Reade.  But DR doesn't carry Dipsy Doodles; they only have Fritos, which are not the same.  Dipsy Doodles are a far superior product in both taste & texture.

You know what?  Enough about corn chips!  Let's move on.

So there I was in Duane Reade, when I heard the opening strains of this song.  KABLAMMO - instantly I was ten years old again.  And reminded of the time my friend Terr and I - inspired by Ms. Gibson - decided to make a music video.  We put on our most bad-a** punk-rocker outfits (which, in my case, was a striped t-shirt and hot pink culottes - thanks, Mom!)

Unfortunately, it was soon discovered that neither of us had access to a video camera (plus, it was almost time for dinner) so the video never got made.  But I'm pretty sure it would have been epic ('epic' is a synonym for 'ridiculous', right?)

You know what else is kind of epic?  This video for "Lost in Your Eyes."  Enjoy the power ballad while watching Debbie and her David Hasselhoff-esque boyfriend frolic in autumnal Central Park!

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gingermakes said...

This is an amazing new series! Keep 'em coming!