Thursday, September 20, 2012

Summary of my Summer

Riverside Park

When leaving for Israel before Labor Day, I told myself, "Self, when you get back, it will be fall."  It was meant to be motivating, but part of me felt it was also maybe delusional.  Summer doesn't usually give up the ghost so quickly: heat and humidity tend to linger late into September around these parts.

But upon my return I found cool mornings and cooler evenings, a new need for layers, the first crop of leaves on the ground.  And this week the calendar made it official - fall is here.

I'd bid a fond farewell to summer, except...I wasn't fond of it.  At all.  Admittedly, it's never been my favorite season, but this year it seemed extra difficult.  It wasn't the weather that hurt, but my heart, and MAN.  It was such an awfully hard slog through.

Maybe it's hubris to assume that emotional season will be left behind just because we've crossed the autumn equinox, but I'm going to hope against hope anyways.  And look back on the parts of summer that made me smile, the parts so worth the remembering.  Here is the highlights reel:

1 - Jury Duty: an unlikely joy ride; 2 - June's run of Improv shows; 3 - treasure-hunting in Central Park;
4 - Boston fun; 5 - the musical genius of Mr. Joe Purdy; 6 - sketch-writing & performing; 
7 - Costumed culinary adventures; 8 - B-day girl smiles; 9 - Pimm's Cups & Sleep No More

10 - Huey* in concert @ Jones Beach; 11 - Shake Shack scheming; 12 - a trip to Ohio;
13 - life-long learning; 14 - evening on the High Line; 15 - getting inspired by Moonrise Kingdom;
16 - a sweet wedding dinner for friends; 17 - soaking up the Olympic pageantry; 18 - Closer Than Ever

*Don't even try to pretend you don't love him.


Anonymous said...

Sheesh, you had a busy, eventful summer! I'm hard-pressed to think of ANYTHING I did!

I'm hoping that the changing seasons bring a peace and reflectiveness to your heart. Much love!

look a little closer said...

oh man, this summer was a doozy for me too. up and down, but by the time august rolled around i was happy and glad i worked through it. a few things. 1) love the detroit airport (photo 12 - i hope that's where it was), 2) i've most definitely taken a photo of that same painting on the highline - we were probably there the same time! haha (photo 14) 3) what kind of treasure hunting? were you by any chance, letter boxing? if you haven't, you should and if you should want a letter boxing partner - shoot me a note! i've been wanting to make a letter box forever or at least fine one. if you have no idea what i am blathering on about, google it and still let me know if you're interested. :) xo

KristyWes said...

K - Good eye! That was indeed the Detroit airport. Our treasure hunting was actually geo-caching - a high-tech form of letter-boxing. But I've been letter-boxing before, and I dig it's low-tech charm - let's do it!! Autumn is a great time to go lurking around parks :)