Monday, May 28, 2012

On Sunshine (Cinemas)


Here in New York, we had about 3 weeks of rain (or so it felt) followed immediately by a heavy haze of humidity.  My hair has never looked worse!  Please send help (in the form of anti-frizz styling products).

Both types of weather - the non-stop rain and the lingering humidity - preclude outdoor activities and seem to call for seeking refuge in the climate-controlled environs of a local movie theater.

In that spirit, my friend Abs and I recently tripped down to the Lower East Side to see Salmon Fishing in Yemen.  It was ok - for a romantic comedy (not my favorite genre).  But the overall movie-going experience was just what Dr. Overcast ordered.


What is it about this particular movie theater down on Houston?  I don't know, but it's one of my favorites in the city.  I can't recall ever having a bad experience here.  I've seen a lot of good films here.  I've never gotten bed-bugs here (an unfortunately real concern with NYC theaters).  It feels a little like a throw-back, not like a cookie-cutter carbon-copy of every other theater.  Plus, once I saw Chris Noth leaning in the doorway.  Also, they have fancy popcorn toppings in the lobby.

So I guess I do have my reasons for favoring this theater.  Some more legitimate than others.


Also, I appreciate any theater that makes going to the movies feel like an experience - a la the "Let's Go to the Movies" scene from Annie.  (You know, the influence of that musical on my life cannot be overstated.)

Another wonderful thing about the trip down to Sunshine?  Spending time in a neighborhood I don't usually frequent.  So good to get out of the rut!  More on that later...

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Sonja said...

Let's watch Annie together soon!