Monday, May 07, 2012

Little Notes of Little Import

Riverside Park

I recently received a wedding invitation for two friends...who I didn't even realize were dating.  Strange.  Pretty sure that is a wedding I shouldn't have been invited to.

Last week, a co-worker handed me (virtually. over email) a pile of work, saying "You are the only one I trust to do this."  Well...thanks?  But me thinks the worst kind of compliment is one that comes attached to extra work.  Boo.

Speaking of avoiding work (weren't we?) my friend JJ introduced me to #WhatShouldWeCallMe, and I love it so much.  If you like gif's and captions, you will love it.  If you don't love gif's and captions, you may still love it.  Bottom line: you will probably love it.

On a related theme, here's another tumblr of pictures and captions - Humans of New York.  I only recently stumbled upon it and clearly I've been missing out.  It's wonderful and lovely.  I lost 45 minutes of my life to it on my first visit - so be warned and only have a look when time permits.

Washington Square Park

As long as I'm directing you to other sites, please do check out this gem over at The Onion - "Anxiety-Ridden Man Rightly Ashamed Of Every Single Thing He Does."  It's funny's true.  I'll admit that my thoughts do trend the same worried way on occasion.  Anyone else want to own up to their social anxiety and insecurity??

On a recent trip to a piano bar, I discovered that one of the Saturday night piano players was none other than the gal who conducted the all-accordion orchestra I saw back in December.  What a small world (and what a fun, strange life she must live!)

A couple of weeks ago, my apartment's toilet broke.  We put in a call to the Super, but then I jerry-rigged it with some jewelry wire and felt like Lady MacGyver.  Pretty, pretty proud of myself.  (Good thing me and my jewelry wire were on the scene, too, because our Super has yet to stop by for permanent repairs.  Sheesh.)

I woke up this morning - after a fitful night's sleep, which has unfortunately become my new normal - with a Tori Amos song stuck in my head.  I can't remember hearing this song recently; can't remember the last time I really listened to Tori (college?).  Where did it come from?  The mind is a weird and wonderful thing.

I got called for jury duty next month and I'm unreasonably excited about it.  I haven't served at all in New York, but back in Boston I was on the jury of a murder trial.  It was all-at-once fascinating and horrible and awesome and gut-wrenching.  If I get put on a trial this time around, I'll get another educational & up-close look at our justice system.  If not, I still get to sit in a room (that is not my cubicle) with free wi-fi, surrounded by people (who are not my co-workers) in a building (that is not my office) for a day.  Win-win!

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Robin aka Gotham Girl said...

Great post! And I love your new look of your blog! Perhaps it has been a while since I went to your home page and I love your changes!