Friday, April 27, 2012

Here We Go Again

My office is in the midst of a large-scale move.  Every closet and filing cabinet and desk drawer needs to be sorted through and cleaned out and packed up - it's thrilling work! (Actually... it kinda is.  I love throwing stuff away.)

Yesterday, as I was boxing up binders in the supply room, two co-workers stumbled upon a radio (a radio! remember those?) in the back of a closet. They plugged it in to see if it still worked (it did) and messed with the tuner to find a station.  All of a sudden, Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" came blaring into the supply room.  It was a nice (loud) break from the beige-ness of a workday.

And, man.  That has to be one of few songs about being alone that makes you want to do fist-pumps and herkies, am I right?

Now, some questions/comments about that video:

1) The song is about striking out again on your own.  So what's with the girl in every scene?  Is she a metaphor for something (like the lead singer's adventurous spirit)?

2) If not a metaphor, are we to assume that she is the girl that he broke up with, right before striking out again on his own?

3) Do you think he broke up with her because of her flagrant disregard for motor vehicle safety? (Wear a seat belt, lady!)

4) Do you think he broke up with her because of her annoying habit of looking directly at the camera and lip-syncing his lyrics?

5) Do you think he broke up with her because their identical hair-styles challenged him in a way that he wasn't comfortable being challenged?

6) Or do you think he broke up with her because she was having an inappropriate physical relationship with the hood of his car?

Let's all take some time to ponder this over the weekend and meet back up here on Monday morning to see if we've come up with any answers.


Rosanne said...

Thanks for making this old doll look up "herkie"
DO NOT under any circumstances try a herkie of ANY size....'ya could hurt something 'ya know! :)

Stephen said...

methinks that fellow cast her aside because she was using his conditioner without permsission.

Man: "Quit stealing my Pantene!"
Woman: "But I have needs too!"

KristyWes said...

Ha! :)