Monday, March 05, 2012

Up In Boston Town
Looking down on the Granary
I made a quick 30-hour trip to Boston this weekend for a friend's baby shower.


True (if somewhat anti-feminist?) confession: I love the prep time before parties, gathering with all the other ladies in the kitchen and getting things done: cookies plated, punch stirred, coffee brewed, cakes arranged. Pitching in, pulling together, pooling strengths to provide hospitality.

In the midst of all this happy domesticity on Saturday, I thanked God for it.  I do rather enjoy being a girl.



So fun to see old friends and celebrate new babies.

So good to contemplate community and the concept of "home."

Leaving church
So interesting to discuss the theological problem of 'evil' over a late-night sushi dinner.

So comforting to be heard and understood.

Hitching post for your dog buddy
So nice to share a bazillion cups of coffee and grilled blueberry muffins and laughs.

To walk familiar streets.  To re-tread inside jokes.

Waiting for brunch at a fave spot
To MadDawg, Diesel, bANaNAs, Kujo & the rest of my Beantown urban fam:  

I miss you's already.

Love, KP



Coasting Anon said...

Huh...please tell me there's another shower this weekend since thysehn I have itin my calendar.

KristyWes said...

Yes! You are correct. There are two. Sadly, I will miss seeing you at next weekend's festivities. :(

Coasting Anon said...

phew. Who the heck else is pregnant?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a fun weekend! Miss you too.