Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hidden Hearts Made Known

"There is a twilight zone in our own hearts that we ourselves cannot see. Even when we know quite a lot about ourselves - our gifts and weaknesses, our ambitions and aspirations, our motives and drives - large parts of ourselves remain in the shadow of consciousness
This is a very good thing. We always will remain partially hidden to ourselves. Other people, especially those who love us, can often see our twilight zones better than we ourselves can. The way we are seen and understood by others is different from the way we see and understand ourselves. We will never fully know the significance of our presence in the lives of our friends. That's a grace, a grace that calls us not only to humility but also to a deep trust in those who love us. It is in the twilight zones of our hearts where true friendships are born."   
-Henri Nouwen

I've been thinking about this recently - the discrepancies between how I see myself, and how others see me.

Plus, I just like to quote Nouwen, like nobody's business.  That  He got it.

Here's to getting it - here's to true friendships - here's to learning our hearts - here's to letting our hearts be learned - here's to needing others to become more fully ourselves - here's to being broken pieces that jig-saw together to make a functioning whole.

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