Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Boldness, Crystallized
My five-year anniversary at The Firm recently came and went, and it maybe kinda-sorta wrought a minor crisis of purpose. This job was initially supposed to be just a stop-gap situation before grad school, but here we are - five years down the road - and I have no exit strategy.*

This anniversary is not stirring up feelings of "Hooray!" so much as "Oh crap."

But - as is so often the case in life - there is a silver lining, and it is this: I just received an email from The Firm, notifying me that I get to pick out an anniversary gift for myself.  Exclamation point!

Perusing the gift catalog for something other than a briefcase or golf club covers, I ran across this listing for wine goblets (as pictured above).  I need/want Waterford crystal about as much as those golf club covers (read: not at all), but I was intrigued by their accompanying description:

"Waterford Caprice White Wine Goblets (set of 4).  Remember the last time you were bold and daring?  Recapture those moments of confidence with these exquisite stemware pieces."

Wowzer.  "Recaptured confidence" seems a big promise for a wine glass to make, no?  And, am I to understand that using Waterford crystal will make me bold and daring - just like I apparently used to be??

I've clearly underestimated and under-esteemed the power and panache of Waterford.

*Yet. YET!


Sonja said...

Bwahahahahahahaha! I feel like I would be LESS bold and confident holding expensive stemware, but who am I to judge?!

Robin said...

An excellent post! From a retired suit...Picture me lmao!

Coasting Anon said... made it longer than me :)