Sunday, January 15, 2012


Cafe Lalo, uncharacteristically uncrowded at 2am

My weekend involved a whole lot of good food and good conversation.  Can anything better be hoped for, in the dark days of January?  I think not.

Friday night found a teammate and I splitting tapas and red wine on the UWS, before moving to nearby Lalo for Viennese coffee and continued conversation about Improv theory, interfaith holidays, workplace dating, and "my condition" (as JJ would term the single Christian life).

Saturday night I trekked to Greenpoint, where Beks made me a belated birthday dinner of open-face steak sandwiches and spinach & mushroom salad with bacon dressing. (Bacon dressing! I think I could be convinced to eat a piece of cardboard if it was covered in bacon dressing.)  We discussed conspiracy theories, Paula Dean's triumph over agoraphobia, and playing the cards that life has dealt you.

Sunday morning I took the subway to Gramercy for brunch with Kat, who was in town visiting for a few days.  The brioche french toast came with lemon curd (yum!), and the coffee came with conversation about our past, present and futures, as well as talk of travel, books, and church politics.

Man, I loved this weekend.  Thanks, friends, for breaking bread and sharing good words with me.

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