Thursday, January 05, 2012

Animals In Evening Attire


This year's holiday window displays at Bergdorf Goodman were weird and wild, per the usual.



I can never quite figure out just what Bergdorf is trying to sell with these displays. 

The aesthetic is something like... The Great Gatsby meets The Chronicles of Narnia meets someone's acid trip.


I didn't even know that my life was missing a tiny albino monkey in a cape and turban, until Bergdorf pointed that out.

Now I can't sleep for the knowing...


Oh, hats.  Suddenly my own hat collection seems entirely inadequate.  Also, the number of occasions in my life suitable for wearing hats is entirely inadequate.

Bergdorf, thou hast ruined me.  Ruined me good.



I think these particular windows aren't so much selling merchandise as making a statement: humans and animals can - nay, must - live together in harmony.  And haberdashery.



This last window reminds me of the Chrysler building, in the best possible way.  No snark, just love, for this silvery sequined vision:


B.G. - you did good: fantastic and fantastical.  I can't afford you, but I'm content just loitering outside on your sidewalks each December.  See you next year.

Last year's windows shown here.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, these windows were the best, weren't they? The walrus is my favorite!