Monday, December 19, 2011


East Village
I was eighteen kinds of exhausted today and had to hit the coffee pretty hard.  December is tiring, no?  Plus, this past weekend didn't involve a lot of sleep.  Here's what it did involve:

A Barbie-pink glittery manicure
Holiday-movie-watching / Christmas-card-assembly with my roommate
Three walks through the park
A visit to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit
A trip to the gym
The birthday party of a friend
Last-minute late-night drinks
Lessons & Carols service on the east side
Lunch @ a diner
Improv rehearsal
Aforementioned accordion concert
Last-minute late-night movie
Phew.  Más café, por favor!  No?  Sí. 


Brian said...

I remember passing by this on the tour bus. I could never for those lights in the window.

Special Scout said...

Ha ha! Panna II is one of those weird quintessential NYC spots for me. I'm too scared to admit how many times I've been there with different people. It really is festive, huh?