Friday, December 30, 2011

More Birthday Shots

Birthday Balloons
Balloons and cards from sweet friends (near and far)
Birthday Collage 1
Birthday brunch!  (Plus, necessity is indeed the mother of invention.
When your rental property doesn't have salt for the breakfast
potatoes, consider the Sun Chip.)
Sand Sculptures
Birthday walk on the beach!  We met a French Bulldog in a pink
sweater dress, and then admired these sand sculptures.
Nature on BDay Collage
Nature.  Ain't she pretty?
Aquarium Collage
I wanted to visit the Roanoke Island aquarium.  Met these turtles.
Why doesn't this "I Jiggle When I Giggle" tee come in my size??
Sea Life Collage
LKJ communed with a shark.  I touched a sting ray
(He felt like raw chicken. Not in a good way.)

Later we ate my traditional b-day snack:
 crab rangoon.  
(Is it weird to visit sea life, then eat sea food?
Or just circle-of-life?  Hmmm.)
BDay Sunset
The sun sets on my dreams day
(I kid. I kid.)

So much singing, dancing, jumping, laughing, surprising on this day.
Plus: cake.
Thanks to my birthday buddies for all the fun and very-merry-making.

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Elaina M. Avalos said...

Happy Birthday! I so love the ocean. And I miss those NC beaches like crazy. Enjoy!