Saturday, December 03, 2011

Gladsome Tidings

Concert Hall

Saturday night was the annual Christmas concert in Brooklyn.  I look forward to this event all year.  It's such a sweet time to stop and reflect on the meaning of Advent.

* * *

Earlier in the day, I had a fleeting thought that maybe I should/could take accordion lessons.  Just a fleeting thought. But on the way out to Brooklyn, I passed a hipster chick in the 14th Street subway station who was playing one.  Then, during the concert, one of the musicians broke out an accordion.  Signs?

I whispered to Tiff, sitting next to me, "I'm thinking about taking accordion lessons."

"Korean lessons?"

"No!  Accordion lessons!"

"Oh, you should," she whispered back. "Accordion and Korean." 


* * *

At the reception after the concert, I gazed around the church reception hall.  It was filled with some of my very favorite people.  So happy to share that evening with them.  So lucky to get to share lives with them.  So thankful to be known, to be accepted, to be sharpened.


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