Saturday, December 17, 2011

All Dressed Up
Mr Lincoln

The New York Historical Society recently re-opened after several years of renovations.  Mr. Lincoln now stands guard on Central Park West; I thought he (and his shadow) cut a striking image in the morning sun.

You know what else was striking?  This man, in Revolutionary War period costume, leaving the building:


Have we discussed on this forum my fascination/fear of people in period costume? I don't know why, but they sorta freak me out.  And yet - I'm so curious about them.  

I want to ask them a million questions - how did they get started with it? What makes them want to wear old-fashioned clothing?  Do they buy their britches from a catalogue, or make 'em themselves on an old-fashioned sewing machine? 

But really, what I really want to know is:  Are they operating out of a healthy interest in the past, or are they running away from the present?

The list of questions I have for reenactors is much, much longer.

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