Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Friday night, after Improv practice, a bunch of us convened at a dive bar in Hells Kitchen for $7 pitchers and free hot dogs.  (We're a classy folk.)

I had only intended to stay for a little while, but the conversation was engaging and the pitchers kept coming.  And then it was late - and I sat talking to a teammate about hard stuff, life stuff, REAL talk.  This person doesn't share my religious beliefs, but still I heard them say, "That's where faith comes in, Kristy.  You have to have faith that God is leading you on a journey."  Thankful that truth is truth, and thankful I have friends who speak it to me.

Saturday Outside

Then this happened.  Snow in October?  Apparently.  Pajama-clad, I sat at my kitchen table for most of the Saturday morning/afternoon, being productive and drinking coffee with my roommate.  Then I took a nap, just because I could.

Carnegie Hall

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice.  OR -  find a friend whose dad has a french horn recital there and go with them.

I chose the latter route. My friend JJ's dad played great and the whole evening was lovely.  After the concert, JJ and I journeyed back uptown through the snow, to our favorite diner with the Ecuadorian / Australian waiter and the awesomely-bad 'lite FM' hits playing on the stereo.  Soup, sandwiches, hot chocolate, and more REAL talk.  Good stuff.

I have no pictorial evidence of Sunday, so you'll just have to take my word that there was church, Scrabble, Improv, and yes - even more REAL talk.

Love when the weekend feels like a series of play-days.  Makes facing the beige cubicle on Monday morning a little more manageable, ya know?

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