Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet Freedom

Daffodils in Riverside Park
Daffodils in Riverside Park
Yesterday was Easter.  It was eight kinds of lovely.

First, there was church.  I love to sing those Easter hymns.  Because - you know what - sometimes I feel like shouting 'glory'. (Can I get an 'amen' to that?)

After the service, we busted out folding tables and flowered tablecloths and had ourselves a good ol'-fashioned church potluck. I brought a butter lamb but someone else brought Bouchon macarons, so they won the day.  (Just kidding.  Jesus won the day.)

And then - after the potluck - I had nothing scheduled.  Wait, let me say that again: I. Had. Nothing. Scheduled. 

I can't tell you the last time I had a free weekend afternoon/evening (I believe it was January).  I almost didn't know what to do with myself.  The day stretched out - beautifully empty, beautifully free of commitments. 

I took a nap, I took a walk, I sat by the Hudson River and read a book.  I went to the grocery store, I made dinner (a real dinner! Not a frozen burrito or microwave popcorn that I sometimes pretend is dinner!). I went to bed at a reasonable hour.

I set my own schedule and did whatever I felt like doing in the moment. It was awesome.  It was even more awesome than the pistachio macaron I ate at the Easter potluck. 

Though not as awesome as the Easter story itself.  That always wins.


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