Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book Ends

Manhattan Bridge
Manhattan Bridge

On Monday morning, I ran into a friend on the street.  I was heading east (from my home to my work) and she was heading west (from her home to her work).  And somehow we both managed to turn onto the same block at the same time and meet in the middle.  It was foggy and grey, and as aforementioned - it was Monday.  I love that such a day started with an unexpected smile from a friend.  It helped.

On Monday evening, as I snuck out of my office a bit early to head to an appointment, I ran into another friend.  I was heading west, to the subway; she was heading east, to her apartment.  Having not seen each other in a while, we stopped to chat for a few minutes.  And thus I was a few minutes late to my appointment, but I didn't care.

A chance encounter with someone you know in this big, big city isn't actually as rare as one might think - it does happen.  But it is still just rare enough to make you feel a little bit special. 

Especially on a Monday, when a working girl needs all the help she can get.

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