Thursday, March 03, 2011

True, Truman

Radio City Smoke

“It is a myth, the city, the rooms and windows, the steam spitting streets, for anyone, everyone, a different myth,

an idol-head with traffic-light eyes winking a tender green, a cynical red.

This island, floating in river water like a diamond iceberg,

call it New York, name it whatever you like;

the name hardly matters because, entering from the greater reality of elsewhere, one is only in search of a city,

a place to hide, to lose or discover yourself,

to make a dream wherein you prove that perhaps after all you are not an ugly duckling, but wonderful, and worthy of love,

as you thought sitting on the stoop where the Fords went by,

as you thought planning your search for a city.”

-Truman Capote, "New York (1946)", Portraits and Observations 

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