Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Me: In Motion


I've been searching for a metaphor to describe what life feels like this week, but I've not come up with the right words. I considered the image of a juggler, trying to keep numerous balls in the air. But I don't actually know how to juggle (and they say you should write what you know), plus I don't like talking about balls.

Moving on.

Actually - "moving" or "motion" might best describe what life feels like right now.  Everything feels fluid and changing and shifting.


Some of the change has been bad or difficult or worrisome.  Some of it has been good.  Think: difficult conversations with uncertain outcomes, and fun performance opportunities, and scary new endeavors, and serious family issues, and getting adjusted to a new living situation, and wrapping up loose ends at the old address, and a changing schedule, and friends in transition.

In other words: Life.  It's just life.  But lately it feels like it's moving faster than it normally does.

* * *

Once - in a stationary store in Amsterdam - I found a postcard of Edith Piaf with the caption "Tu me fais tourner la tete!"  (Translation: You make my head spin)  I bought it and glued it to the cover of my journal, because I like Edith Piaf, and because I rather like having my head spun.  I like newness.  I like plot twists.  I like when the impossible happens.

I'll try to remember that - that chosen postcard, that preferred head-spinning sentiment - while navigating these fast-moving days.  Being in motion can be scary or uncertain, but I guess it's better than being stagnant or stuck.

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Sonja said...

"plus I don't like talking about balls" = AMAZING