Thursday, March 24, 2011

Days Like This

Rooftop in Midtown
Yesterday it rained and snowed and sleeted and hailed and thundered.

I complained about the crazy weather, along with everyone else, because that seemed like the socially acceptable thing to do.  "Can you believe this weather?  It's CRAZY!"

But truth?  I kinda dug it, this last hurrah of winter.  I dug the necessity of a scarf and a hat, a sweater, a warm coat.

Spring is lovely, but it can wait another week or two.  Because the problem with spring is that summer comes chasing immediately after it, and I hate summer. Really, really, I do.  It's a sticky, stinky, oppressive burden to be borne, if you want to know what I think (and I'm assuming you do, as you're reading my blog).

So - with an eye to that scarf-less season stretching ahead - I didn't so much mind yesterday's weather, and I didn't so much mind waking up this morning to see snow on the rooftops across the street.  Winter is still alright with me.  For a couple more weeks at least.

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