Monday, February 07, 2011

Keeping Quiet

Great Lawn, Central Park
My plan for sleeping in on Saturday was thwarted by noise.  And by "noise," I mean NOISE(!!!).  Jack-hammers and buzz saws and people shouting f-bombs, all beginning promptly at 8am.  And though this construction was going on in the commercial space at the front of my building, it sounded like it was in the very next room.  My bedroom floor and walls shook.  I couldn't sleep; after 20 minutes I couldn't even stand to be inside, it was so l-o-u-d

So I went for a walk.  And discovered that it was cold and rainy and slippery outside. Bugger!  I couldn't go back and face that music though, so I walked on through the rain, north on West End Ave.  Only, I pretended I was walking over Scottish moors, because if a girl has to walk in the rain, it might as well be in a properly romantic and fitting setting.

But after a while the imaginary moors lost their imaginary charm, and I was back on West End Ave., cold and dripping.  Returned home for a quick change and then caught a train (or three) to Brooklyn, to babysit for my SweetPeaMcGee.  Baby girl was napping for the first two hours I was there, so I just sat, curled up on a couch, wrapped in a blanket, sipping coffee and reading a book. It was quiet and it was awesome. 

The day started looking up.

Snow peeps in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

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