Friday, January 21, 2011

That Which Remains

Burnt Down Pier in the Hudson
Pier D (Photo taken July 2009)

Pier D was a mangled mess of metal, jutting out into the Hudson River. I would often take a moment, during Riverside Park strolls, to stop and stare at it.  It hadn't been functional for 40 years, since a fire reduced it to ruin.  The remaining structure hung on stoically and always seemed to me like a metaphor for something.  It was trash, but it was beautiful, you know?

Now, though, it is gone - removed over the weekend.

And I guess it's sound reasoning - pull it down before it falls down and becomes a hazard in the river.  But I'm still sad.  Sad like I am whenever the city gets a little more sanitized, and a little less trashy-beautiful.

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